Update: TSAE 2022 Diversity + Inclusion Self Assessment

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Last year at this time, TSAE introduced a Diversity + Inclusion Assessment Tool, originally developed by the Texas Society of CPAs, as a tool to assist with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.

The tool provides a guideline of questions broken into four categories and a key for an organization’s answers to each question. Once each question is answered, an organization can determine it’s final score.

The tool is intended to be used annually as a way to self-assess an organization’s progress in developing a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. TSAE is committed to taking the assessment annually and will continue to share our results with our members.

The 2022 breakdown and total score determined by the TSAE Board of Directors earlier this year are posted here.

TSAE’s 2022 D+l Assessment


4  TSAE has published a DEI statement adopted by the Board of Directors and annually reviews.

3  TSAE has incorporated DEI into it’s annual strategic objectives.

0  A plan is in place to recruit a diverse board and committee leadership.

0  The Board has incorporated diversity into their annual self-performance evaluation.

3  TSAE includes DEI in its orientation of board and committee leadership.


3  TSAE has a DEI committee or designated champion.

1  DEI commitment and committee has clearly stated objectives and measurable goals.

0  TSAE reported status of achieving goals to the members.

1  Diversity is built into internal and external communications.

1  TSAE has a plan to promote diversity goals to members and volunteers.


1  TSAE includes diversity as a strategy to fill speakers and all volunteer leadership.

1  TSAE has a meeting policy addressing accessibility, food. & other items of interest for members.

1  TSAE has an action plan to address DEI in its recruitment and renewal efforts.

1  TSAE has prioritized outreach in the industry and partners whose DEI practice aligns with TSAE.

2  TSAE regularly distributes resources, research & examples 1o members on effective DEI efforts.


0  80% or more of members are satisfied with TSAE’s committment to DEI.

0  80% or more of members are satisfied with TSAE’s practices of DEI.

0  80% or more of members feel that TSAE fosters an inclusive environment.

0  80% of members feel that They see themselves reflected in the volunteer leadership.

0  80% of members feel that they see themselves reflected in content providers for TSAE.


Note that DEI is a process for every organization, including TSAE. Scores are intended to be an honest assessment with the goal of improving every year.

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