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How to Plan Your Defense IT

According to Forbes, in 2017 two-thirds of Americans worried about having their identify, credit card, or other personal information stolen. Getting murdered only concerned 18 percent of people. According to the FBI, cybercrime in 2018 will cost Texans at least $96 million. If $96 million were being stolen from homes and businesses, and two-thirds were worrying it would happen to ...

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Ransomware: Keeping Your Association Safe from Online Predators

Ransomware may have finally replaced millennials as the most hated and feared thing in the modern office. As a millennial, I find this darkly refreshing; I’m less disliked than a criminal industry that extorted more than $1 billion from American businesses last year. All jokes aside, ransomware is a serious issue and poses a threat to every organization. Ransomware is ...

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