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Drowning in Data? Create a Dashboard

Are your board members or staff bogged down by lengthy financial statements and programmatic reports, causing them to miss overarching trends and key success metrics? Need a way to more quickly and easily interpret your organization’s data? Much like the dashboard in your car, an organizational dashboard can take a series of data points that measure your association’s health and ...

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Ransomware: Keeping Your Association Safe from Online Predators

Ransomware may have finally replaced millennials as the most hated and feared thing in the modern office. As a millennial, I find this darkly refreshing; I’m less disliked than a criminal industry that extorted more than $1 billion from American businesses last year. All jokes aside, ransomware is a serious issue and poses a threat to every organization. Ransomware is ...

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Quick Tips: Bragworthy Swag, Site Selection, Tech Consultants

Bragworthy Swag The folks at Austin-based Darling Promo are fresh from a jaunt to Vegas, where they meandered amid hundreds of thousands of products tailor-made for swag bags. We were lucky enough to have Sales Executive Susan Greenberg, CMP, CASE, on hand to weed through the chaff and bring us her team’s golden harvest of favorites! Love your phone accessories? ...

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