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Work Culture and Talent Management

A 2023 study by FORVIS found that 78% of nonprofit organizations in the nation are struggling to fill staff vacancies. In the public and nonprofit industry, 72% of those who quit their jobs did not take a job in the same sector. To attract and retain top talent, associations and membership organizations must understand what today’s workforce wants and how to engage it.

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Book Reviews: Workplace Culture

Conversations on workplace culture will continue as long as organizations are interested in being innovative and successful. These books offer different viewpoints on how to respond to the demands of the ever-evolving workplace.

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Create a “Yes, And” Team Culture

Never say no is one of the main rules of improv comedy. While you can’t never say no in your organization, you can still create a culture of yes. Galen Emanuele with Shift Yes used the five main tenets of improv comedy to show attendees how they can build a culture where all ideas and people are respected in “Create ...

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