Ask the Expert: How to Protect Your Data

Q: What is the easiest/best way for me to protect my data if my device is lost or stolen? A: The best way to protect data when your computer has gone missing is to cover these three aspects of security beforehand: Sign-in protection: This can be as simple as a password or a PIN for your computer. it can be ...

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Drowning in Data? Create a Dashboard

Are your board members or staff bogged down by lengthy financial statements and programmatic reports, causing them to miss overarching trends and key success metrics? Need a way to more quickly and easily interpret your organization’s data? Much like the dashboard in your car, an organizational dashboard can take a series of data points that measure your association’s health and ...

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How to Plan Your Defense IT

According to Forbes, in 2017 two-thirds of Americans worried about having their identify, credit card, or other personal information stolen. Getting murdered only concerned 18 percent of people. According to the FBI, cybercrime in 2018 will cost Texans at least $96 million. If $96 million were being stolen from homes and businesses, and two-thirds were worrying it would happen to ...

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