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Quick Tips: Tier 2 Cities, Virtual Reality

Tier 2: Smaller City, Smaller Price Tag, Big Fun Being in the No. 1 block is a nice distinction – it carries weight. New York and Los Angeles and Chicago all have their big-city pros, but they also have big-city cons to combat: expense, congestion and competition, to name a few. That’s why so many planners are choosing Tier 2 ...

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Quick Tips: Bragworthy Swag, Site Selection, Tech Consultants

Bragworthy Swag The folks at Austin-based Darling Promo are fresh from a jaunt to Vegas, where they meandered amid hundreds of thousands of products tailor-made for swag bags. We were lucky enough to have Sales Executive Susan Greenberg, CMP, CASE, on hand to weed through the chaff and bring us her team’s golden harvest of favorites! Love your phone accessories? ...

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