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Social Media as a Destination, Not a Road

Forgetting Hacks, Clicks, and Analytics to Create Engaging Content for Your Association Facebook has changed its feed algorithm 17 times since the beginning of 2017. Twitter rolled out a new algorithm over the summer of 2017 only to scrap it months later. Snapchat removed its Stories page in November. Instagram makes its changes more silently. When it started “shadow banning” ...

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A Knockout Social Media Campaign

This spring, the Real Estate Council of San Antonio(RECSA) hosted an annual event called Fight Night in which real estate professionals from around the area duke it out to help raise money. Like many associations, this event is a huge non-dues revenue generator, so promoting it successfully is more than necessary. RECSA contracted strategic communications agency the Whittington Group to help ...

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How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a live-steaming platform that helps you broadcast to an audience of your friends and followers. If you have a Facebook account and a smartphone, you can use Facebook Live starting now. The options for how to use Facebook Live are endless, but let’s take your annual conference as one example. You can use Facebook Live to to ...

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