TSAE Releases Key Findings of DEI Survey

In 2019, your TSAE Board of Directors embarked on an important journey to discover, understand, and set a direction for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within our organization. To begin, we made DEI one of our strategic initiatives. Throughout that year, we gathered information from you, the members, to get a sense of where we are as individuals, organizations, and a TSAE community. Your voices were heard. Below some of the key findings from the survey, the strategic initiative group conducted. (For a full breakdown of the survey findings, go to

This survey was just the beginning. Through these comments and working with member focus groups, TSAE worked to adapt the DEI purpose statement:

“TSAE believes in fostering a culture amongst our members that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable to all. TSAE strives to be a resource and model for members and organizations on effective practices that drive successful DEI initiatives. Through diverse perspectives, an inclusive culture, and equal opportunities, we are Better Together!”

This survey was just the first of many steps that TSAE will address as it continues to address DEI issues, topics, and needs over the years to come. In 2020, the board unanimously agreed that this work needed to continue based on the previous year’s recommendations. The TSAE board is in the process of establishing a DEI committee to ensure we are following through on this purpose. We don’t want to be an organization that puts words on paper and calls it good. We want to put action behind our words. We know we will never be ever done with DEI as it is a constant, evolving subject we are all learning more about daily. Our commitment to you is that we will do our best to implement DEI practices throughout TSAE, be a resource to you the members, and strive to make TSAE a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

If you have any suggestions on how we can do this, please contact Executive Director, Steven Stout, FASAE, CAE at [email protected].

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