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Ask a Hotelier: Nightly Rates and Booking Patterns

QUESTION: Why do rates (and for that matter, pricing in general) vary so widely hotel to hotel? ANSWER: Rates completely depend on supply and demand. The room inventory that is remaining in the hotel dictates the guest room rate. Hotel A may have a group already contracted and that makes rates higher than Hotel B over the same dates. Hotels ...

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Ask a Hotelier: Rooms-to-Space Ratios and Unique Menus

QUESTION: What is rooms-to-space ratio, and why does it matter? Answer: The rooms-to-space ratio represents the amount of meeting space your event uses for every guest room your attendees occupy. It’s the most important metric hotels and convention centers use to determine the best group rate. Meeting planners should know their room-to-space ratio to help with venue selection and rate ...

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Ask a Hotelier: Contract Negotiations and How to Tip

Editor’s Note: Ask a Hotelier is a new reoccurring column in Association Leadership in which TSAE takes association professionals’ burning meeting planning questions and poses them to hoteliers in our membership. Have a question you want answered? Interested in providing feedback to planners? Send your questions or interest to [email protected]. Participants will remain anonymous. QUESTION: What elements (if any) of ...

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