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Embrace a Culture of Innovation

Most associations tell me that innovation is important to them, and I, of course, agree. But the overall track record on innovation in the association community is not that great. Twelve years ago, some fellow consultants and I wrote a short book titled, We Have Always Done It That Way: 101 Things About Associations We Must Change. Two years ago ...

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What Every Association Professional Needs to Know About Advocacy

Go ahead. Google the words “association advocacy” and see what pops up. I recently did the same which resulted in over 87 million hits. American Association for Justice, Muscular Dystrophy Association, National CASA Association … thousands of associations that prominently include the word “advocacy” on their websites. But what does advocacy mean? Is it something handled by your governmental relations ...

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The Secret to a High-Performance Culture

I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I read Jim Collins’ book, “Good to Great.” I remember being very impressed by the book at the time, both the concepts and the depth of the research that went into it. A lot of the ideas resonated with me, and it was satisfying to know there was correlational research to support ...

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