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The Buckhorn Museum & Saloon in San Antonio.

Texas hospitality is one of a kind, to be sure, and while those from other places enjoy immersion in the culture via venues that are Texan through-and-through, so, too, do locals! Dallas natives love them some San Antonio charm; those from the Riverwalk city might certainly enjoy the Gulf Coast charm of South Padre Island. Read on for some unique Lone Star State venues your attendees will love!

Buckhorn Museum & Saloon/Texas Rangers Museum, San Antonio

Everyone remembers the Alamo. And the Riverwalk. But what’s more Texan than the proud history of those signature Rancher- and Cattleman-style hats and the firepower and prestige that goes along with? The Texas Ranger Museum, part of the Buckhorn, features an array of authentic artifacts and a charming recreation of turn-of-the-century San Antonio where you can hold your event. This museum can accommodate groups of 20 to 180.

Heritage Park, Corpus Christi

This collection of 12 historic homes, the oldest dates back to 1851, is available for meetings and private rentals. Each is beautifully restored and, say locals, many are haunted – which would make for a great themed event. One house is said to be inhabited by the ghost of a young girl who died of pneumonia, another has had reports of mysterious footsteps and even phantom shoulder taps. Christian’s Bistro (housed inside the Merriam-Bobys House) has had reports of a mysterious woman in fancy, old-fashioned dress. No one has ever seen her face though; by all accounts witnesses have only ever seen her from behind. Perhaps she’ll show up for your dinner; the eatery is happy to host private parties.

Louie’s Backyard, South Padre Island

This venue may not have the history of the others listed herein, but it has the oldest, most beautiful feature any planner could ask for – the coast’s breathtaking water views. For Texans, SPI’s 30+ miles of gorgeous white beaches are the place where memories, from family vacations to Spring Break to seaside weddings, are made. So why not your meeting? Louie’s Backyard can accommodate 25 to 500 guests in a variance of banquet rooms – or the entire restaurant!

La Posada Hotel, Laredo

Built around four historical buildings including an on-site museum that dates to the early 1800s, this beautiful property sits prime in a region that bridges Mexican and American culture. While the place is steeped in history (its grounds encompass the beautiful Republic of the Rio Grande Museum), La Posada’s 15,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space is state-of-the-art.

Author Amy Drew Thompson is a meetings and travel writer based in Florida.
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