TSAE Members Answer the Question: What Event Activations Have You Found Successful?

tsae members answer the question

I recently attended an exciting tournament event called the 501(c) Games. It was held at a local sports bar, and members were encouraged to sign up teams from their offices. This allowed us to get coworkers involved who had never attended an association meeting before. Competing as teams in a relaxed setting like darts, pool, shuffleboard and Jenga turned out to be a blast! It introduced new people to the association in a fun way, while the friendly competition between teams really boosted engagement and membership participation. Events like this are a great example of new, creative formats that get members involved and interested in new ways.

On the show floor, our best activity was decorating hats. We provided branded cowboy hats and accessories (hat bands, feathers, playing cards, etc.). We assisted them in creating their unique style. It drew a huge crowd.

– Marilyn Ellis, Superior Expo Services (SES)

beer garden

Beer Garden:

  • Outdoor beer garden set
  • Local beer tasting
  • Sessions by brewmasters
  • Sponsored – beers available

Arcade Cave:

  • Cave like setting w/blacklights
  • Old pinball machines
  • Pacman and such
  • Shuffleboard
  • Snacks
  • Sponsored beverages
  • Music

Step and Repeat:

  • Clients’ logo and cutouts, cool setting
  • Hashtag to post
  • Register for prize

Inter Artist:

  • 25 sets: Canvases, paper, paint available
  • Scheduled times
  • Led by local artist
  • 20 min. project time
  • Post to social media
  • Prizes
  • Top painting on Group newsletter and website

Tod Stehling, Shepard Exposition Services

my most successful activation was a tequila tasting with a tequila sommelier

My most successful activation was a tequila tasting with a tequila sommelier. People loved it and loved that the sommelier brought a level of education to the tequila history, making and pairing.

My favorite activations have an element of personalization. I have seen an airbrush artist who would take your design and airbrush it on a cap, similar to the airbrush t-shirts at the beach. Another really popular one was a pancake artist. They would take your picture and make a pancake. It was incredible. The last one is a coffee station that prints your face in the foam of your coffee.

Harmony Heard, Visit South Padre Island

a couple of my favorites

A couple of my favorites:

  1. DIY T-shirt printing – selection of designs to choose from
  2. Caricature artists – small, printed pic can be clipped to attendee lanyards
  3. Local charity sponsorship – attendees opt-in at registration for a sponsor/charity-branded t-shirt, handed out by sponsor at their booth; shirts can either be paid for by the sponsor or the attendee, with proceeds going to the charity

All of these:

  • Are fun, memorable for the attendees
  • Draw a crowd – while folks are waiting their turn, the sponsor’s staff can chat with them
  • Provide viral marketing either because others can see the end product and/or because attendees want to tell others about it

Carrie McIntyre, Navigate

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