Quick Tips: CVBs, Hotels, Unique Venues – Trends in 2018

New year, new members, new programs, new challenges, new gatherings! The bright face of hospitality is always changing to meet the needs of a dynamic traveling public. Want to know what’s on the horizon? Fresh design, fast food and full-sized venues are things to keep your eye on as you plan your calendar!

Hotels: The New Green

Speaking of fresh, the herb wall in your favorite trendy restaurant may be doing its own version of “going viral.” Natural elements have been on a steady rise in hotel design – lighting, design elements, living décor – and that may well continue.

Biophilic design is based on the idea that people seek out nature and elements thereof tend to create a sense of well-being for hotel guests. Yes, sustainably sourced building materials are a part of that, but it’s what you see and feel that really resonates: gentle, natural light, beautiful natural views – or perhaps artificial ones in the form of living walls, water features and vertical gardens where expansive vistas aren’t the norm – go a long way in creating calm amid our modern-day, tech-based interactions. And better air quality, too!

Get Up, Get Eats, Get Out

What’s more important to most hotel guests, free Wi-Fi or in-room eggs Benedict? You can probably guess the answer. With an increasing number of hotel brands doing away with room service, grab-and-go lobby eateries are like to be on the rise.

Of course, free breakfast offerings don’t hurt, but many attendees will skip it if the line is too long or if what’s out looks too stale. That’s why some hotels are offering fresh, convenient foods as something they can “grab and go” – think fresh fruit cups, smoothies or breakfast burritos.

Photo credit: ©iStock.com/dszc Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin may play host to thousands of football fans each Saturday in fall, but it can also host smaller meetings and events throughout the year.

Unique Venues: Think Big          

In Texas, that’s the norm, of course, but big thinking (and big venues) can make a great statement. So why not consider a stadium setting for one of your upcoming soirees? Venues in Texas, where football at all levels of play is almost in the blood, have spaces that can accommodate 10 to 2,000+, each of them unique and impressive.

Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin may be the home of the University of Texas Longhorns, but it can also host events on its open-air rooftop (breathtaking views!), cocktail parties in the Terrace Club on Six, or spectacular happenings in the Sylvie & Gary Crum Touchdown Club with incredible views of the field and Austin’s downtown. And those are just three of many.

And cities around the nation have similar sports-themed spaces, soaring and modern to cozy and comfortable, to host your gathering.

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