Diversity + Inclusion: Association Assessment Tool

association assessment tool

EARLIER THIS YEAR, TSAE’s 2020-2021 Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Initiative adapted an assessment tool originally developed by the Texas Society of CPAs. Knowing this could be a valuable resource for our members as well, we’re excited to share it for your own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.

The benefits of a diverse organization include innovation, increased engagement, and economic growth. A diverse membership brings a range of useful perspectives to the table and there is a significant competitive advantage for an organization that can optimize the differences in their people. An organization that can match its own internal diversity with the external diversity of its customers will satisfy its target audience and prosper in the process.

The TSAE Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion assessment is an annual opportunity for TSAE’s Board and Executive Director to evaluate progress toward achieving the vision articulated in the DEI Purpose Statement. The annual assessment identifies opportunities to ensure we are delivering on the key elements of the TSAE DEI Purpose Statement.

With this goal in mind, the 2021 DEI Strategic Initiative group has developed a four-point strategy that focuses on building a diversity focused culture within TSAE, evaluation on execution of our DEI strategy, how we are serving as a model for our TSAE members on effective practices, and measuring the member perception of our efforts in this work.

The DEI Assessment will be performed in the spring of each year and presented to the TSAE Board and Executive Director for review and discussion at our spring meeting. This timeline will ensure that the TSAE Board can provide suggestions going into the annual strategic initiative planning session in the summer.

Each category has five questions. Up to five points may be earned for each question, for a potential score of 100. Partial credit may be given for items under development.

Thank you to the Texas Society of CPAs for sharing their tool with us. We hope you find it beneficial to your own organization.

Click here to print a downloadable version of the TSAE Diversity + Inclusion Assessment Tool.

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