Quick Tips: Is ‘Risk’ No Longer the ‘Game of Life’ for Millennials?

By Amy Drew Thompson

Granted, that’s a pretty Gen-X way to present it, but managers are finding that as millennials, the largest segment of the workforce, continue to mature, so, too, do their desires when it comes to professional development.
What’s more, outside trends are influencing their needs, as well. How so? While this demographic, traditionally, has been more willing to take risks in pursuit of life-work balance, their brashness, studies are showing, has relaxed a bit with age.

An economic slow-down (likely combined with the responsibilities of a more mature rung of adulthood) has those who manage them interested in learning new ways to spark initiative among the ranks. Programs designed to encourage – or even re-invigorate – a willingness to explore out-of-box options could prove valuable for both high-level employees with staff to wrangle and those who recognize themselves in these statistics.

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