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katy markert
Katy Markert, Marketing & Communications Director

HI THERE, TSAE family! I have now been a member of this community for a full year, and it has been wonderful getting to know so many amazing TSAE members. I hope to meet and work with many more of you soon.

I tend to wear a lot of hats around the TSAE office, including graphic designer, copywriter, website and social media manager, magazine editor, stage director and, most recently, podcast co-host! I genuinely love each of them.

In my personal time, I enjoy running, a good book and all things outdoors (except cedar pollen). I spend my days chasing my two precious daughters, Dylan and Hayden (3 & 2 years old) alongside my wonderful husband, Matt. I am a professional Amazon shopper, plant lover (albeit killer…sigh) and wanna be interior designer.

As the Marketing & Communications Director, I get to work closely with all of the departments at TSAE to help bring messaging to each of you. My hope is to grow and improve communication channels as much as possible. One thing that would help us is to save my email address, [email protected], into your contact list to ensure you are getting our TSAE emails. And please feel free to reach out anytime!

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