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ronika nash

In my role, I have truly plunged into my passion for fostering connections to help drive business & professional development. My focus extends beyond TSAE itself, encompassing our partners, sponsors, and members. My days are dedicated to strategizing and executing opportunities, activities, and experiences that fuel growth, interaction, and innovation. While I have a hand in various aspects of TSAE, my primary role is overseeing sponsorships, negotiating contracts, and designing exceptional experiences.

Outside of work, I spend a great amount of time being a “cool mom” to my favorite 14-year-old son, Malachi, and a partner in crime to my sweet husband, David. Together, we enjoy exploring new places, trying new foods, hanging out at the lake, and most recently we are all really into shopping – Let’s be real, I’ve been into it, the boys are just catching up! Aside from spending time with the boys, another thing that brings me joy is unleashing my creativity. I proudly hold the title of “The Hostess who does the absolute Mostest,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being extra, as my husband would say…and I love to plan a great event!

Looking ahead, I’m excited about making even more connections with all of you and serving as a resource to help you “think bigger” and grow as an industry professional and as a business. I am happy to help connect association professionals to potential business partners and service providers, so please feel free to contact me if you are ever interested or in ned. I am also always willing to have a brainstorm session to help you think through partnerships and strategies, so don’t hesitate to ask… See you somewhere soon!

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