The Magic of Member Retention

the magic of member retention

ARE YOU READY to work some magic on your member retention rates? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re about to reveal some astonishing secrets inspired by none other than the “Business Magician” himself, Kostya Kimlat!

You may have seen Kostya on the hit TV show “Fool Me with Penn and Teller,” where he left audiences stunned with his mesmerizing magic tricks and sleight of hand. But what you might not know is that Kostya is not just a magician; he’s a master of customer experience and knows how to make customer friction disappear. And guess what? We can apply his magical insights to your association’s members to create a retention strategy that’s truly enchanting.

So, grab your top hat and wand (metaphorically speaking), and let’s dive into the world of association magic!

The Astonishing Parallels

Just like a magician astounds an audience, associations can astonish their members by providing exceptional experiences. Kostya Kimlat has shown us that it’s all about creating a seamless and frictionless journey for your customers. In your case, that journey is the member experience.

The Vanishing Act of Friction

Remember those moments when Kostya made an object disappear right before your eyes? Well, you can do the same with customer friction in your association. Identify the pain points your members encounter, whether it’s navigating your website, accessing resources, or communicating with your team. Then, like a magician, make those obstacles vanish!

Streamline your website, optimize your communication channels, and ensure that your members have easy access to the value your association provides. The less friction they encounter, the more likely they are to stick around.

Let’s look at email as an example. Arguably the most prolific form of communication, email has been abused for years. It’s now, for the most part, a way of relentlessly telling people things. Reduce the friction. Use fewer words. Ask a question so that you can give people a frictionless personalized version of what they want. (Ever heard of PropFuel?)

Engage in Mind-Reading (Well, Almost)

Magicians often appear to read minds, predicting the audience’s thoughts and reactions. Associations can do something similar by actively listening to their members. Stop talking and listen more. Ask questions. And you can do that at scale with technology. You don’t need people to ask questions. You can do it digitally.

And sure, it might be cheating – You’re not actually reading their minds. You’re just asking them what they want, what they need, what’s important to them.

There may not be much magic in that, but you can personalize the member experience by aligning your offerings with what EACH member truly wants. True personalization like this creates a sense of belonging and keeps them engaged and committed.

The Grand Finale: Building Lasting Connections

Just like a magician’s grand finale leaves the audience talking for days, your association can leave a lasting impression on its members. Make sure your members know they are an integral part of your association’s success.

Acknowledge their milestones, celebrate their achievements, and recognize their contributions. When members feel valued and appreciated, they’ll want to stick around to see what other magic you have in store for them.

In conclusion, it’s time to channel your inner magician and astonish your members with an unforgettable experience. By making customer friction disappear, engaging in a bit of “mind-reading,” and building lasting connections, you’ll be well on your way to driving greater member retention and creating a truly magical association.

So, go ahead, be the business magician of the association world, and watch your members become your biggest fans, just like Kostya Kimlat’s audience after an incredible magic show. It’s time to make member attrition disappear!

dave will

Dave Will is the Co-Founder and CEO of PropFuel, the first Conversational Engagement platform designed specifically for member-based organizations to improve member engagement using the Ask, Capture, Act methodology. Visit www.propfuel.com for more information.

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